Certified Senior Cats

Certified Senior Cats – All the Love, None of the Mischief.

The good news for cats—and those who love them—is that they are living longer…many times in their late teens and 20s! But, many people looking to adopt a feline think they want a wide-eyed kitten. Sure, kittens are adorable, but what about those older kitties? If you’re concerned about adopting an older kitty because you’re worried about health and length of life issues, we have the answer! We’ve created our “Certified Senior” program! All cats in our care, 8 years older, will receive:

  • a complete physical examination
  • geriatric blood panel (testing begins the screening process for geriatric diseases and evaluates a cat’s blood cell count, blood chemistries, and major organ system)
  • dental cleaning and exam to identify any tooth decay or gum disease
  • spay or neuter surgery
  • all vaccinations
  • microchip
  • FREE annual exams for life
  • low $25 adoption fee

We check to make sure everything is working like it should! Seniors are Certified when our vets do not see any indication of concern for their health and should have many healthy years ahead of them. Consider a Certified Senior for your next forever friend!

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