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tim link

Tim Link Workshop

FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic presents an Animal Communication Workshop with Tim Link July 18 from 10AM-6PM Tim is an animal communicator, author, writer, speaker, nationally syndicated radio host presenting workshops across the country to help pet owners, groomers, trainers, shelters…

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“Beware of people who dislike cats.” – Irish proverb

Whether you are still looking for your rainbow and pot of gold or you think luck is for those full of blarney, significant lore and myth surrounds the relationship between good fortune, Celtic mythology and cats. All in good fun,…

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office cats

Office Cats

Office Cats Seeking Temporary to full-time employment. You have an office, shop, store. And we have small feline ambassadors willing to greet customers, lay on piles of paper, attack copy machines and relieve work stress. It’s a Puuurrfect match! The…

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Valentine’s Day Adoption event!

Join us for Valentine’s Day weekend and bring home the love of your life! February 13 and 14, 2015 from 2pm-6pm at FACE Spay Neuter Clinic. 1505 Mass Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46201. For more information, please email  

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Eat Out at BW3 and Support FACE!

Make plans to eat out at BW3! When you eat out on March 4th, 2015 at the Castleton BW3 location, 15% of your bill can go to support FACE Low-Cost Spay Neuter Clinic! Wether you get a big salad, a…

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Home for the Holidays Adoption Event

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giving tuesday


We all know about Black Friday – the day that people celebrate all black cats by going shopping and standing in a lot of lines. And, Cyber Monday is famous for people taking a break from shopping online to watch…

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Panleukopenia scare at Indianapolis Animal Care & Control – race to save all the cats

Indianapolis Animal Control (IACC) was confronted with a shelter’s worse nightmare – a highly contagious, highly deadly virus scare late last month. Panleukopenia is the feline equivalent to the parvo virus in dogs and can spread quickly from animal to…

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Pad pads in the incorrect position
 leaving the end of the remaining 
bone to hit skin then floor instead 
of the paw pad absorbing the weight 
and shock while walking

The Declaw Debate – Declawing Cats: A Feline Vet’s Experience

The onychectomy procedure (i.e. declaw) is performed across the United States and Canada to eliminate the possibility of property destruction and scratches to people. What many cat owners don’t know is that the declaw surgery involves the amputation of the…

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