Community Outreach

FACE community outreach van

FACE offers transportation for owners of pets that need fixed who can’t get to the clinic on their own.

The FACE Spay Neuter clinic is committed to providing accessible and affordable spay neuter resources, in addition to educating and empowering people to care for their pets through targeted community outreach. There is a large underserved segment of our community that has no connection to any animal welfare groups or veterinarians.

The FACE clinic seeks to close this “gap” by extending targeted spay/neuter, education and wellness resources beyond the walls of our clinic and into the neighborhoods of greatest need. Our programs focus on the animals at the greatest risk of being put down in the shelter or abandoned on the street.

We accomplish this through door to door community outreach, partnering with other animal welfare groups and community centers and working with our city government. Without this commitment to aggressive outreach programs, increased funding and resources, this segment of the animal population will continue to be a significant source of shelter intake or left to suffer on the street.