Working Cats

Environmentally-friendly pest control & helping homeless cats all-in-one.
You may need to get your hands on some working cats!

IMG_5153We have healthy, sterilized community cats in need of outdoor homes! Proven mousers ready to keep your home or business pest free. These working cats are ready to work!

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On occasion, some cats cannot remain in their neighborhood due to safety concerns or they have been displaced. In  these situations we need an outdoor setting or a warehouse environment to re-home these cats. They make the perfect working cats and are excellent at keeping an area pest-free!

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About Our Barn Cats / Working Cats Program

All of the FACE barn and working cats have received vet care (sterilization, vaccinations, and exam, etc.), and are ear-tipped to easily identify them as a fixed community cat. You just provide daily food and water, protection from the elements, and long-term vet care.

Barn / working cats are great helpers and keep rodents away from grain and food storage areas. Since these cats don’t enjoy indoor living they are often hard to place. That means you’ll get the satisfaction of giving a cat a much-needed home!

If you own or manage property and have permission for long-term placement of animals on the property, please call us!

Places perfect for a working cat include:
  • barns
  • warehouses
  • landscaping companies
  • nurseries
  • lumber yards
  • horse farms
  • dairy farms
  • breweries
  • gardens
  • campgrounds
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