Low-Cost Vaccines and Basic Wellness Care

At FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic, we recognize that access to basic veterinary care is critical for keeping pets with their people and out of area shelters. Anyone can use our services. Our veterinary team specializes in spay/neuter services, vaccines, basic wellness care, and minor illnesses. For more information about what we do, please review our service guide.

The vaccine and wellness clinic is open on a walk-in basis and does not accept appointments. Wait times can vary and may be long depending on the needs of our patients. Please know that we may end check-in earlier than our posted hours to ensure we can serve the needs of patients that are currently being served.

Clients may bring up to three animals per visit.

There will be a $10 office fee for animals three months of age or older who are not fixed. That office fee can be applied to the cost of spay/neuter surgery.

If your pet is in experiencing a medical emergency, please seek treatment at an emergency provider. For a list of list of emergency providers in the Indianapolis area, please see our emergency provider listing.

Vaccine Clinic

IMG_5618FACE offers low-cost vaccines to keep your pets protected from preventable diseases. Our vaccine services are available six days a week. Vaccine services are available on a walk-in basis.

Vaccine visits include a basic assessment, parasite prevention/control recommendations, and the actual vaccinations. Microchip placements, heartworm testing, and/or FIV/FeLV testing may also be done at this time.

If you’re visiting our clinic for vaccines only, please print out the appropriate form below and bring with you.
Vaccine Clinic Check-in Form for Cats

Vaccine Clinic Check-in Form for Dogs

Wellness Care

Wellness visits include a comprehensive exam where all major body systems are evaluated. Our doctors will also provide diagnosis and treatment for common diseases. Patients may be referred to another provider for additional medical care if a severe medical issue is diagnosed.

The visit fee is just $35 (additional costs may be required for treatments and prescriptions). No appointment is needed.

All patients are required to be up-to-date on the rabies vaccine. Please bring proof in the form of a valid rabies certificate or patient history from your primary veterinary provider. If your pet received the rabies vaccine at FACE, we can provide the information you need. If your pet is not up-to-date, you will be required to purchase the rabies vaccine when you visit the clinic with your pet.

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