Telehealth Services

FACE now offers telehealth services for established patients through the Medici app. Clients are able to consult with their pet’s veterinarian from home for a fee of $15.

SPECIAL NOTE: Your pet must have been seen by one of our current veterinarians within the last 12 months in order to prescribe medication or provide a diagnosis.

If you need access to your pet’s medical records, please email us your request.

Instructions for Downloading the Medici app

1. Download the Medici Patient app for iOS or Android: There is not a web browser version of Medici.

2. Complete your information to register in the app. You will be asked to put a card on file. Your card will not be charged until a consultation with a veterinarian has been completed.

3. Use code “P2OFYGZSAA” during the registration process to get connected to our clinic.




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