Is your cat in heat?

How can you tell – is your cat in heat?

cat in heatHow old is a cat when it happens?

A cat comes in heat when she sexually matures. Usually this happens between 4 and 10 months of age – normally around six months.

What are the signs my cat is in heat?

  • Your cat may seem more affectionate, rubbing on her people, other pets, furniture, etc.
  • She rolls around the floor
  • She carries her tail to one side
  • Your cat can become very vocal and starts to meows a lot. Cats in heat can become very noisy with loud yowls day and night
  • Your cat may lower her front end down and lift her bottom into the air
  • Your cat’s hind legs may ‘tread
  • Patting your cat on her back near her tail may cause her to raise her bottom in the air and she may begin ‘treading’ with her hind feet
  • Cats in heat are often desperate to escape outside. Thousands of unfixed cats are lost each year because they take any opportunity to run out through an open door.

How long does a heat cycle last?

You can expect the above behavior for between 7 to 10 days.

How often will my cat be in heat?

Unless your get your cat fixed or she mates she will continue to come into heat every 2 to 3 weeks.

If a cat comes into heat many times without a pregnancy there are associated health risks. A intact female cat has a high risk of developing cancer of the reproductive organs or developing pyometra which is a life threatening infection of the uterus.

How can I prevent my cat going into heat?

This is EASY to prevent! Have your female cat spayed.

What do I do if my cat goes into heat

You must avoid unwanted pregnancies by keeping her inside away from male cats. You CAN have a cat fixed (spayed) even when they are in heat. Do not delay!

My cat should be able to celebrate the joys of motherhood.

Please re-consider this. First, cats do not romanticize motherhood the way humans do. Having kittens for a cat is a dangerous prospect and complications can and do happen. Plus, every year thousands of kittens and cats are killed in shelters because there isn’t enough homes to take them in. Even if you know people who will take a kitten once they’re born, you’re still taking a home from an already born, homeless kitten.

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