Safe Flea Control for Mom Cat and Kittens

Young kittens can quickly get flea anemia, so it’s very important to keep mom, kittens and the bedding area flea-free. These tips are best for safe flea control for kittens and new mother cats.

safe flea controlSafe Flea Control
  • Use a flea product such as Revolution, Advantage or Frontline on mom only.
  • Do not use flea products on newborn kittens; it’s not safe as they are too young.
  • If you see fleas on the kittens, you can bathe them using Dawn dishwashing liquid and use a small flea comb as needed to get the fleas off.
  • Avoid antibacterial soaps.
  • If you have to bathe kittens, make sure you dry them well and keep them warm as they can get chilled easily.
  • Only a fraction of the fleas are on the cats, so it is just as important to remove fleas from the bedding, carpet and surrounding areas.
  • You can treat your yard using Dawn dishwashing liquid, too!

See also what to do when you find young kittens.

Watch the video below for more information.

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