Found kittens?

Would you know what to do if you found kittens?

This video will teach you how to care for orphaned pre-wean kittens instead of surrendering them to a shelter where they are at risk of euthanasia. IMPORTANT: If you are in need of immediate assistance, your kittens are not eating or lethargic, please take them to a veterinarian right away!

found kittensWhat you do and how quickly you do it can mean the difference between life and death when you find a kitten in your area during kitten season. But, bringing the stray or feral kitten home with you isn’t always the answer – for either of you.

The resources below can help you if you’re ever in the situation we’re a kitten looks lost or abandoned.

This kitten advisory information  from Alley Cat Allies  may help you to decide what is right for you and outdoor kittens.

Your first instinct when you see kittens may be to swoop them up and take them home with you, but that is not always in the best interest of either of you. Socializing and caring for feral kittens is a time-consuming process which requires devotion, patience, and attention. The decision to bring feral kittens into your home should not be taken lightly.

First Steps if You Found Kittens:

Some kittens may need intervention if they are not doing well. But, early weaning of kittens who seem to be doing well may lead to increased mortality or failure to thrive. Although kittens begin weaning prior to eight weeks of age, they should remain with their mother until then to learn proper behavior and socialization if at all possible. Learn more about the first steps to take when you find kittens outdoors.

Next Steps:

In order to do what’s best for kittens, you MUST first know how old they are. Review the various scenarios to help decide what the next best steps should be.  

Caring for Very Young Kittens:

Kittens can easily become chilled and can actually die from being cold within a short time. Be sure that from the moment you find them, the kittens are kept constantly warm. Keep an eye out for signs of chilling (i.e., kittens are listless and feel cool to the touch). If you have nothing else on hand, use your own body heat to warm up a cold kitten, and rub gently to aid circulation. Kittens cannot control their own body temperature until they are at least three weeks old. Do not bottle feed until kittens have warmed up completely. Learn more about caring for neonatal kittens.

Socializing Found Kittens

To become pets, kittens need to be socialized and taught to be comfortable around people. If the kittens are eight weeks or younger, usually just about anyone can socialize them by following some simple steps. Kittens between two months (eight weeks) and fourth months of age often take more time and skill to socialize. Socializing kittens is a big commitment. Learn more about socializing kittens.

To learn more about taming feral kittens check out these tips from the Urban Cat League:

Watch the video Tough Love, Socializing Feral Kittens and read the taming guidelines as well as many tips for living with and taming feral cats on their blog.

More information:

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During high kitten season in the spring and summer, it’s not unusual to discover a nest of unattended kittens or a single kitten seemingly abandoned by the mother. You want to help, right? Before jumping to the rescue, consider these recommendations.

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