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1450941_765504340196828_2032031703156962016_n (1)Request a Community Cat Appointment

If you have one or more community cats, need help trapping or can bring the cats in yourself and simply need spay/neuter assistance, please fill out the form below and the FACE team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

The Community Cat Package is $40 and includes Rabies/FVRCP Vaccinations, Wellness Check, and Mandatory eartip.

Please fill out the form below as accurately as possible. If you have questions, please call 317-638-3223, Ext. 113.

NOTE: We will not be accepting Community Cats for spay/neuter surgeries during the following 2019-2021 dates:


December 16, 2019 – February 2, 2020

May 20, 2020 – May 25, 2020

July 1, 2020 – July 5, 2020

November 25, 2020 – November 29, 2020

December 7, 2020 – February 1, 2021





About the Cats You're Helping -

Please help us understand the situation so we can provide the best and most timely care for the cats you're concerned about.
Note: This includes pregnant females, and kittens as young as 3 months or 3 pounds. Kittens are highly at risk for disease, injury, and starvation. Nursing/Lactating moms can be spayed and continue to nurse her kittens.
Ear tipping is a painless procedure performed while the cat is sedated. A small portion of the left ear is cornered/squared off. This serves as a permanent ID that shows the cat has been spayed or neutered and vaccinated, and that the cat is being cared for by someone. Ear-tips are not for indoor/outdoor cats. Owned cats that go out on occasion should receive a microchip.
If you do not have transportation, please attempt to find help before relying on FACE volunteers. A field volunteer can be assigned for people with special needs including no transportation, physically or mentally disabled, or trapping situations that require assistance (i.e. medical emergency, large trappings).
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