Spay/Neuter in the Era of COVID-19

All May spay/neuter appointments will be postponed here at FACE. When it is safe for us to return to our high-volume, high-quality spay-neuter work, we will be in touch with our clients to reschedule.

At FACE, we firmly believe that spay/neuter is critical to the well-being of animals and communities. With COVID-19 threatening the well-being of people, we must take precautions to ensure the safety of all so spay/neuter can come back stronger than ever after the pandemic. We must prioritize human healthcare.

You can learn more about spay/neuter in the era of COVID-19 from the resources below.

Open Letter from Dr. Julie Levy: Why We Must Suspend S/N Now

ASPCA Statement Concerning Spay and Neuter of Shelter Animals During the COVID-19 Crisis

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