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At FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic, we recognize that access to basic veterinary care is critical for keeping pets with their people and out of area shelters. Anyone can use our services.

FACE offers low-cost vaccines to keep your pets protected from preventable diseases. Our vaccine services are available through our curbside service, and are by appointment-only starting August 24. Wait times can vary and may be long depending on the needs of our patients.

Vaccine visits include a basic assessment, parasite prevention/control recommendations, and the actual vaccinations. Heartworm testing, and/or FIV/FeLV testing may also be done at this time.

Clients may bring up to three animals per visit.

All patients are required to be up-to-date on the rabies vaccine. Please bring proof in the form of a valid rabies certificate or patient history from your primary veterinary provider. If your pet received the rabies vaccine at FACE, we can provide the information you need. If your pet is not up-to-date, you will be required to purchase the rabies vaccine when you visit the clinic with your pet.

What can you expect at a curbside vaccine visit? Click here to read more.
Click here for changes to our pricing for 2021.

Cat Vaccines

Vaccine Packages Vaccines
Mini Package (Rabies and 4-in-1) $32
Full Package (Rabies, 4-in-1, FeLv) $42
Superpack (Rabies, 4 in 1, Felv, Bordetella) $52
w/3 year Rabies add $2
Individual Vaccines Vaccines
1 Year Rabies $17
3 Year Rabies $19
4-in-1 $16
FeLv $21
Feline Bordetella  $16

Cat Medical Services

Cat Medical Services Pricing
Leukemia/FIV Testing $25
Strongid (deworming) $12
Drontal $20
Profender (Deworming) $30

Cat Preventative

Cat Preventative Pricing Boxes
Advantage II $16.12 $49.07(Box of 4)
Advantage Multi $20 $77 (Box of 6)
Revolution $20 $60 (Box of 3)
Milbemite  $25
Cat Carrier $8
Dog Vaccines

Vaccine Pricing Vaccines Cost w/Surgery
Mini Package w/o lepto $32 $30
Mini Package w/lepto $32 $30
Full Package w/o lepto $42 $40
Full Package with lepto $42 $40
w/3 year Rabies add $2
Dog Vaccines

Individual Vaccines Vaccines
1 Year Rabies $17
3 Year Rabies $19
5-in-1 $16
Bordetella $16
Influenza H3N2/H2N8 $30

Dog Medical Services

Dog Services Pricing Price
Heartworm Test $25
Strongid (Deworming) $12
Drontal $20-$26

Dog Preventative

Dog Preventative Pricing Single Dose Boxed Doses
Advantage II $16.12 $49.07-$54.21 (Box of 4)
Simparica $17 $38-$41 (Box of 3)
Nexguard $23 $51-$53 (Box of 3)
Advantage Multi $20 $77-$80 (Box of 6)
TriHeart Plus  $16  $55 (Box of 6)
ProHeart 6 month $36.50 – $81 one injection
ProHeart- 12 month $57-$211 one injection

2021 Price Adjustments

The following price adjustments go into effect January 2021.

Spay/neuter surgeries will be $75 and include high quality anesthesia, surgery, and pain management.

The three-year rabies will be $25.

Full pack with one-year rabies

  • Cats – $53
  • Dogs – $48

Full pack with three-year rabies

  • Cats – $62
  • Dogs – $57

Mini pack with three-year rabies

  • Cats – $41
  • Dogs – $41



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