**New volunteer placement is on-hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be placed on a wait-list, please email volunteer@faceanimalclinic.org. Thank you for your patience and understanding.**

 Get Involved! (1)

By volunteering for FACE, you can help support our high-volume clinic while helping to ensure access to affordable spay/neuter services, vaccines, and wellness care. There are also volunteer opportunities outside the clinic, including adoption events and community engagement events to raise awareness of the importance of spay/neuter and the programs and services available at the clinic.

Volunteer Positions:

Cage/Kennel Cleaner – Job Description

Every Monday through Thursday, our clinic performs anywhere from 60-75 spay/neuter surgeries per day. At the end of surgery days, each cage/kennel must be cleaned and disinfected to welcome the next day’s patients. We rely on our superstar volunteers to clean and disinfect our surgery cages and kennels.

Community Cat Volunteer – Job Description

Our community cat volunteers help care for the cats who are temporarily in our care for our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program.

Office Assistant – Job Description

Last year alone, our clinic saw over 17,000 vaccine and wellness visits and performed over 10,000 spay/neuter surgeries. Needless to say, we go through a lot of materials. We rely on volunteers to help us prepare specific items we use on a daily basis to help our clinic run smoothly.

Please Note: The age requirement to volunteer in the clinic is 13+. Volunteers between the ages of 13-15 must have a parent/guardian present at all times. Our different volunteer positions have varying age requirements. If you have a child under 13 who wants to help FACE please email us for a list of ways to help outside the clinic.

For more information about volunteering, please email us or call (317) 638-3223 ext.106.

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