Injured Animals

injured animal - kitten

Please seek veterinary care immediately if you have a sick or injured pet.

FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic provides basic veterinary care for minor and acute illnesses during normal wellness visit walk-in hours. The exam fee is $35.

Wellness visits include a comprehensive exam where all major body systems are evaluated. Our doctors will also provide diagnosis and treatment for common diseases. Patients may be referred to another provider for additional medical care if a severe medical issue is diagnosed. FACE is not an emergency clinic.

Emergency Veterinary Clinics in the Indianapolis area:

Airport Animal Emergi-Center
5235 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46241
(317) 248-0832
Special night, weekend, and holiday hours

5425 Victory Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46203
(317) 782-4484
Daily 24 hours

VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center 
7712 Cross Point Commons, Fishers, IN 46038
(317) 578-4100
Daily 24 hours

Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care South
4625 East Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis, IN 46237
(317) 534-6000
Daily 24 hours

Noah’s Animal Hospital 
5510 Millersville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46226
(317) 244-7738
Daily 24 hours



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