Wellness Services

Wellness visits include a comprehensive exam where all major body systems are evaluated. Our doctors will also provide diagnosis and treatment for common diseases. Patients may be referred to another provider for additional medical care if a severe medical issue is diagnosed.

To schedule a wellness visit, please call 317-638-3223. We will ask several questions about your pet’s symptoms and behavior to determine if we can see them here at FACE. It is not possible to make a wellness appointment using our online system. We do not treat emergencies or chronic conditions and may refer your pet to another clinic for care.

A wellness exam costs $35. Tests, treatment, and medications are at the discretion of the doctor and will cost extra. We will consult with you to develop a plan that works for your budget and your pet’s needs.

We believe animals enrich our lives and all people deserve the opportunity to experience that joy. We also recognize that veterinary costs can be high. Our goal is to help keep pets with the people who love them. With the support of our generous donors, we may be able to reduce the price of your pet’s treatment plan.

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